Roaccutane (English version)

My last post, about Roaccutane too, was written in spanish. I thought that many people around the world interested in this treatment would like to read it in a language they can understand. I will try my best.

I had pimples since I was 13 or 14. I tried everything, although I didn't have that many, they wouldn't go away by just washing my face. After 5 years I went to the dermatologist, and he prescribed me Proderma. I had to take it for 2 months or less, I don't remeber very well. The problem was that the effects only lasted 6 months. After that period of time they got worse. My dermatologist thought that the only thing that could make them go away definitely was Roaccutane. The treatment consisted in taking pills (isotretinoin) for 6 months. I took them when I was 18 years old. I am 21 now and they came back!!! I mean that after 3 years of seeing my face without a single pimple, my face is the same as before the treatment. I never had my whole face filled with acne, just my chin and sometimes the cheeks, but they were reaally painful. So again, I went to the dermatologist. He told me that I had to do the same 6 months (same story).

I finish the treatment in May, so I am already at the 4th month. Right now my face is cleared and I am very happy hehehe. 

Side effects

The most significant side effect is dryness. The best thing for that is to use vaseline for your lips and moisturizer for your face. It has to be oil free. Sometimes I use eye drops or physiological saline because the first time I did the treatment I got conjunctivitis caused by the dryness of my eyes. Also I had back pain everyday, and it hurt a lot. During the night I woke up beacuse my nose was bleeding. I have to say that this time I didn't have those side effects, it may be because now I know what to do.
My face is very red all the time, like a tomato lol. I was a little embarrased beacuse of that at the beginning. The first 3 months you will get more acne, more than what you had before. Don't get depressed because that is the normal process to get your skin cleared.
When you start the treatment your doctor will ask for blood analysis every month. This time it was only 1 analysis after the first month and that's all. 


- For dry skin. I use an Isdin moisturizer, called Acniben or Acniben rx. A month ago I was using another one from Avene, called Clean-Ac. Those two are specially made for this kind of acne treatments. They do exactly the same but the one from Avene is cheaper. Apply day and night after washing your face. For my lips I use vaseline, I think it doesn't matter what kind you use. 
- Cleanser. I use, since I was younger, one from Kanebo. I think it's the best because I have a very sensitive skin and that is the only one it works for me. I buy it for oily skin, it is called Creamy Soap. You have to try it, it's a little expensive (here in Spain) but it lasts 6 months so I think it is worth it. Don't forget to use make-up remover before you wash your face.
- Make-up. I recommend no to use make-up because It doesn't help very much to get rid of the acne. But I have one that is very good, from Couvrance. I have light skin, but I am not that white, so I use the tone 02 Natural. Your skin looks perfect with this make-up and it covers every imperfection. There is one very similar that plastic surgeons recommend to their patients. This one is almost the same.

After the treatment

The dryness will disappear in a week or so. I didn't mention that you can't drink alcohol during the treatment or get pregnant. I think that after a month of finishing with Roaccutane you can do your normal life. You can't go to the beach beacuse you have to avoid sun light. Three years ago I waited 2 weeks I think before going to the beach....I'm not very sure. I suggest to continue washing your face every day , twice a day, because you want your skin to be healthy and shiny and beautiful lol. 

I think that's all, if I missed something I will update the post. 

See you soon =)